It seems in today’s music world having a great song just isn’t enough.  You need to find additional ways to get that music out there.  Music videos have long been a staple for this.  Even with the death of music videos on MTV, they are still huge thanks to YouTube and the many other sharing sites out there.  Today’s customers require this visual stimulation in addition to the aural.  One artist that has figured that out is Cyndi Cresswell Cook.

The talented lyricist and singer from Massachusetts has been creating music and entertaining for a long while now after beginning her entertainment career as a stand up comedienne.  Cyndi pours her true emotions into her songs and uses her lyrics to make people think.  She has tackled multiple genres not wanting to pin herself into any little corner.  To expose her songs she has worked with the talented people at Keep The Edge Studios to create music videos for many of her songs and share them with both old and new fans.

The music video for her song “Would You Tune My Air Guitar” has garnered a lot of interest including over 16000 views on YouTube.  The sultry vocal performance combined with the imaginative and downright amusing video have drawn in many new fans. The latest song and video looks like it is on an even higher trajectory.  Watch the video for “Zombie Wonderland” below:

The music video production was taken to an even higher level on this one great costumes and effects.  The dark rock vibe of the song is perfectly paired and well performed with the vocals being the highlight once again.  The catchy track had me listening (and watching) over and over again.  Come join in more fun and videos at: 

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