With the constant flux of new music coming out every day in this easily recordable and releasable independent music industry one must set themselves apart to gain any traction.  Being a skilled songwriter and musician will give you a leg up but having an angle is needed to rise to the top.  Our latest find Omar Bowing seems to have everything falling into place.

The independent songwriter from Austin, Texas has been setting himself apart by playing a truly unique instrument called a guitarviol.  It is a handmade hybrid of a guitar and a bowed instrument.  Omar Bowing also seeks deeper effect with his music.  He has delved into the study of sound waves and the effects they can have on the rest of the body besides the obvious aural pleasure to the ears.  He writes music not only with the listener in mind but also their physical presence and the effect of these sound waves.

The most recent release by Omar Bowing is entitled 432 Hz.  It is not just a clever number.  Omar actually tunes his instruments to 432 Hz instead of the standard 440 Hz to target a more natural harmonic and different sound wave than “normal” Rock Music.  The 7 track record is more than a straight rock album.  There is a progressive groove that brings the music to a higher level.  For this record Omar brought in Tyson Yen to provide the vocals.  The opener “Virus” lets loose with an angry tone that grabs attention from the start.  On “Fear Free” an even darker mood is set while the walking bassline brings you to a scary place.  Omar Bowing shows his sense of storytelling in song with the powerful “Code Love”.  This is not standard commonplace music.  Enjoy the very professionally made video below:


The album continues in a dark yet intriguing way and makes us wonder what is next for this talented artist.  Keep track of Omar Bowing’s progress at: http://www.omarbowing.com/

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