Finding the perfect set of musicians for a band is often a difficult task.  Sometimes musical styles don’t mesh and sometimes it is personalities that don’t work.  Life gets in the way sometimes for one individual and that can be a band’s demise.  Our latest find Paragon Theorem now seems to have a lineup that fell into place in all the right ways.

Paragon Theorem

The band based in Connecticut plays an entertaining and energetic style of hard rock.  Paragon Theorem formed in 2012 when two friends who had been in and out of bands together since middle school decided to give it one more shot.  They brought in mutual friends and responders to a Craigslist ad to solidify the 5 piece group.  The current lineup consists of Steve Delesdernier – Lead Guitar, Dan Field – Rhythm Guitar, Brian Moore – Vocals, Jordan Pitruzzello – Drums, and Eric Rosier – Bass.  The focus was obvious and Paragon Theorem got out there and played some bigs shows such at such venues as The Hard Rock Café at Foxwoods Casino, Webster Theater, and headlining the Portland Fair in both 2013 and 2014.  Each member provides their own sounds and style that combines to form an edgy yet melodic modern rock sound that seems to pick up new fans wherever they go.

This past March Paragon Theorem released their second full length album entitled Inkwell.  The 11 track record was recorded, mixed and mastered at The Coffeehouse Recording Studio by the band themselves in an effort to keep the sound exactly as they envisioned it.  The record opens with a dose of heavy rock on “Compliant”.  The vocals flow perfectly over the hard hitting in your face sound.  On “Alive (For The First Time)” the band shows off an arena ready sound that will fill any venue they choose.  Vocal harmonies abound challenging any listener to try and not sing along.  Paragon Theorem shows off a softer side on the ballad-esqe “This Is Real” and “Remedy”.  There is plenty of fancy guitar work within to break the mold of sappy ballad though.  This is a new way of doing things.  The album closes with the raw energy of “Virtue” with its pounding beat building throughout to leave listeners with toes tapping and heads banging yearning for more.  Inkwell is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio, and Google Music.  Keep up to date with Paragon Theorem at:

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