There are many gifted individuals out there that have an inborn talent to write songs. Some of these gifts go unused but when given the opportunity a good songwriter can write songs in any genre that appeals to them.  Our latest discovery Nick Festari has been sharing hundreds of songs in different styles over his long career.

Nick Festari

Roberto Festari (a.k.a. Nick Festari) began his musical journey at only 9 years old when he began studying piano.  His talents were noticed and he became an organist in his parish at only 16.  Nick ended up making some contacts there that would set his musical career on the upward path.  After some time in bands and studio work he hooked up with these friends who had started the Hi-NRG Attack Record label.  Nick Festari was involved in writing over 800 songs in the Eurobeat and Italo-dance genres over the next 20 years.  His skills got better and better but in 2013 he made the tough decision to leave the label and pursue a solo career in the pop music genre.

Recently Nick Festari released his EP This Is Me…Slower And Faster.  The 6 track record showcases the skills of an artist that has been writing quality songs for decades.  The opener “You Wanna Make Me Fly” welcomes all listeners with a mellow start that transforms into a high energy synth pop rock song that will get the blood flowing.  On “Wings Of An Angel” Nick shows off his pop ballad chops with pretty melodies intertwined with sweet vocals to melt any frozen heart.  There is definitely some Eurobeat influence on “There Will Be No Prize” with its dance floor beat and vocal attack that is perfect to get bodies moving.  The EP closes with the raw emotion of “Don’t Slam The Radio”.  The piano pop ballad is the work of a master songwriter with its epic feel.  You can find out more about Nick Festari at:


The This Is Me…Slower And Faster EP is available at:…-slower-faster/id1021756815

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