Electronic music artists are known for being quite elusive and mysterious.  Let’s face it some of the biggest artists dress as robots or wear a huge mask with mouse ears.  There is nothing wrong with hiding behind the music, if it is good.  Luckily our latest find, BeeLamb, has the music to back it up.


We just received some music from BeeLamb to check out but in the electro standard it came with a very short bio and introduction.  We did find out that the man behind the music is Bob Sullivan from Corrales but his description of “Electronic musical musings from the heart of the Mississippi Delta to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains” did not provide much of a back story so we just dove into the songs for a listen.

The first track “The Other Side Of Something” sets the tone with an atmospheric sound set in the back while a cacophony of noise sits up front scrambling your brain.  There is a darker and more eerie feel to “Night Fabrix”.  The beat builds throughout the track creating an interesting musical fabric to work your way through.  BeeLamb shows some diversity too within “Ma-Haat-Haat” with pieces of drum n bass mixing in with atmosphere and techno dance floor rhythms.  Looks like a good start here.  Go take a listen at: https://soundcloud.com/beelamb/

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