There is much love in the world. Of that, there is no doubt. Most humans have known love at one point in their lives. The love of a parent, a friend, a significant other or a total stranger. Random acts of kindness or planned gatherings can help anyone have a brighter tomorrow. However to know love is also to know pain. There is a fine line. Love can be passive aggressive. Love is not perfect. Love is not always kind. Love can hurt. When you love someone, sometimes even inadvertently, there can be pain especially when the love is not reciprocated or of the same intensity or quality as what is given.

And so, Sarantos takes us on another journey with his latest release “Another Day With A Broken Heart”.  The mood, instrumentation and somber vocal style ironically reflect the pain of the words as Sarantos tries in vain to keep it together – to pretend there is no pain. Hidden deep inside though, there is pain. The pain is real. The days go by. The pain of a broken heart is unfortunately something most will experience. If one has not, then sadly that means one has never truly loved or been in love. This is even sadder.

“This is a sad pop dance song,” says Sarantos. “It’s a song about a man with a broken heart. He tried all the things he could but realizes they’re just too far apart. Another day goes by. The entire song is actually a paradox. The music is somewhat upbeat with a vocal approach that is somber and has become kind of a signature style for me at this point. It’s intentionally almost bland, mundane and emotionless as a stark contrast to the torrent of pain and emotion he is trying in vain to keep inside as the days go by and he continues to be broken…”

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33% of any music-related sales profits from this song are going straight to Happy Hippies.

Happy Hippies celebrates love, support, and resilience with portraits of transgender and gender expansive individuals from all walks of life. Check out #InstaPride to learn more about the power of acceptance, self-expression and freedom, no matter what our gender identity.

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