Making music is a personal mission where an artist (usually) tries to create something original and different.  It is sad that many times the people who hear it and write about it feel forced to fit a new sound into an already established genre and its tight little box.  A true artist thinks outside the box.  Our recent find Baraka Johnson is adamant that he is NOT just a rapper.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan the man whose full name is actually Kubwa Baraka Richard Johnson has been making music for a while.  His aim is to inspire and raise awareness of self and our connection to others.  Music is a powerful thing that has many inspiring abilities if used correctly.  Baraka Johnson had taken a step away from the music for a few years but is now back and focused to continue the dream.


An EP was recently released called In Love With My Museik.  The songs on the 8 track record were originally recorded between 2003 and 2009 but have now found new life.  The strong start “Rode Blues” sets the tone for a thought provoking listen.  The repeating background melody grooves along as the lyrics tell a story that draws the listener in.  There is a more pounding beat on “Stone” that combines with sounds and samples coming at you from all angles making for a complete song.  There is a more R&B feel to “Hustlaz Anthem” with vocals that come off sweet and sexy with smooth jazz creeping in the background.  The EP closes with “War”.  It is a slightly angry sounding song that is meant to grab attention and spread the message of survival.  Go get a listen to a few tracks for yourself at:

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