There is an amazing thing about music when a few guys can get together in a room and make music that combines elements of all their different influences to welcome a fresh new sound that makes them feel accomplished.  Music has been creating these kinds of happy meetups since the days of cavemen banging rocks together.  Today we welcome the band Parkerhouse Road to the fray.

Parkerhouse Road

The Rochester, NY band plays hard rock music with influences from metal to pop-punk.  The band is made up of Matt Burke on vocals and rhythm guitar, Cody Slingerland on lead guitar / backing vocals, Mike Costa on bass and Paul Schantz behind the drum kit.  Parkerhouse Road has a simple approach, bring what you have to the practice room and we will all work together to get the most out of it that they can.  This creates a kind of raw energy that lets the band feel free and write what feels right to them.

Recently Parkerhouse Road has released a 4-song EP through Soundcloud to get their music out into the world.  The first track ‘Another Night’ features an aggressive guitar line that pushes the song forward and touches on the hard rock and old school metal genres.  The vocals have a slight pop punk feel with a nasally drawl.  ‘Crawl Out Of This Place’ slows it down a little and lets the listener into the feelings of a depressed man that still has the hope of reaching for waht he wants.  The production overall is a little weak but there is potential here that can be developed.  If you want in on the ground floor keep up with Parkerhouse Road at:

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