There is always an extra something when a band is started by a bunch of guys that have been friends for a while.  Many band members become very close over the course of playing and rehearsing together but when that early awkwardness of first meetings and quiet practices is eliminated a band can enjoy each other and have fun right from the start.  This seems to be the path that The Karmens are currently on.

The Karmens

The boys of Melbourne, Australia band The Karmens originally met each other in high school and random jobs.  Then in late 2012, Chris, Andrew, Alex and Christian decided to put their musical talents together to make some fun and relatable music to share with the world.  By being comfortable with each other right away The Karmens were able to get right down to business with warm melodies and entrancing lyrics.

The first single in the song ‘Lights’ that we were able to get an advance listen to.  It begins with an atmospheric quality before breaking down to a strumming guitar party track.  The lyrics are welcoming and invite everybody into the celebration.  There are touches of many different influences here that come together as one to form a pretty remarkable song.  Go get a taste of The Karmens for yourself at:

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