The hip hop genre is made up of many solo artists that are willing to work with others but always stay more focused on advancing just their own name and not the betterment on the group.  When a few people do come together and click both musically and lyrically somehing magical happens especially when they see that the sum of the parts is better than the parts alone.  This seems to be the case with our latest find FLO Club.

Flo Club

The San Diego based trio is made up of Corey Kilemal, Rel J, & Napalm.  Together they came up with FLO Club, which stands for their motto “Fast Lane Only”.  The group is truly independent and work to put together all of their music as a team.  The hard work put in has produced some strangely infectious tunes and potent lyrics.

Last month FLO Club released the Overflo mixtape and has made it available on for free download.  The 14 track record has a definite west coast flavor and puts together sounds that will startle the listener and grab their attention.  On the first true song ‘Holy Flo’ there is a wide assortment of sound creating a full background for the strong non-stop lyrics.  The haunting lead sound drags your focus throughout.  ‘Raunchy’ continues with the strange mixes of sound to keep the listener ever guessing while the lyrics are just as the title states – Raunchy.  ‘Dorner Block’ features a Star Wars sample that adds a deep level to the track and will keep the sci-fi nerds attached to the track.  Title track ‘Over FLO’ focuses on the team rapping with each other as a team and showing that they are in this together to the end.  This record is full of songs that will keep you hitting repeat to try to take it all in again.  Enjoy it for yourself at:

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