Parla Chain and Gökçen Aşık Combine for ‘Degistik’

Parla Chain

An artist must always be willing to grow and experiment with their music. Collaboration has always been a big part of this. Working with other musicians, especially in different styles, will open up amazing opportunities that usually lead to truly unique music. That is definitely the case with our recent discovery Gökçen Aşık and Parla Chain.

After a successful career as an Opera soprano that spanned over 35 years, Gökçen Aşık was still looking for ways to expand in music. She believes in the universality of music and its ability to connect all individuals, surpassing language and culture. This curiosity led to combining with some experimental musicians under the name Parla Chain.

Sample ‘Degistik’ here:

Together they released their debut single “Degistik.” The song opens with an odd bell pattern before Gökçen comes in adding her amazing voice. An exotic beat is introduced to add multiple layers to the track. Melodies come in from multiple angles to keep the listener guessing where it will go next. The vocals bring us back to a soaring reality as the glue that holds it all together. The experiment is a success.

We had the chance to chat with Gökçen Aşık about her career and collaboration with Parla Chain as well. Enjoy the interview below:

After 35 years involved in music, what continues to motivate you? 

I always believe in the universality of music and its ability to connect all individuals, surpassing language and culture. Furthermore I feel that music is still an undiscovered place with lots of hidden treasures. Music is my sanctuary. Perhaps the most miraculous medicine and motivation that will be good for all of us, especially in the new world order we are in lately, is to be intertwined with music in some way..

Tell us about your new project with Parla Chain? 

The Story of Parla Chain started in Yokohama, Japan in 2020 with a group of people who work on blockchain technology and art. Our new EP will be released soon, working with too many musicians from all around the world for basic arrangements to post mastering stages. This is an album where the universality of music is once again emphasized. A meeting of rhythms and melodies that make love to each other, ranging from African oud drums to Japanese taiko.

How would you describe this new sound? 

We go by the genre electronic pop and vocal house. We take inspiration from different era of music from baroque to 2000’s electronic styles. This allows us to create what we feel are original compositions. 

What is the songwriting process? How does a new song come to be? 

Sometimes waking up in the middle of the night to the magic of silence, sometimes walking through one of the streets in the heart of the city, putting everything about people into notes. Sometimes just being a witness of small protest at somewhere around the world. each of these circumstances have triggered me during this release. 

What do you hope the listener takes away from the new single “Degistik”? 

Name of the album is “Degistik” means “We have changed”. I hope the listener will experience a change that begins with an introspective thought and progresses toward a universal understanding. Change is the heartbeat of the universe. 

Give us a peek at the future for your collaboration with Parla Chain? 

One of the founding aims of Parla Chain is to bring music and innovation together. In our new album and next projects, we will try to combine almost all kinds of innovative initiatives with music theories in order to fulfill these goals. From blockchain technologies to advanced synths, we will try to take any initiative we can use in the name of music and art. we have changed and will be continuously changed.

You can keep up with more from Parla Chain on Twitter.

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