Connect at The Music Pro Summit Sept 8 – 11, 2021

Music Pro Summit

There has been a necessary shift in the music conference industry over the past two years. The inability to host huge crowds of music business people and the artists hoping to learn from them became a major hurdle. Much like many industries, connecting tons of people had to be moved online. Many conferences just could not do it well but our friends from Indie Week seemed to have figured it out with a bunch of successful smaller events and now the upcoming Music Pro Summit to show how great they have mastered the online Conference.

The Music Pro Summit running from Sept 8 – 11, 2021 is where the art and business sides of the industry intersect and showcase the next wave of music technology in the process.

Music tech and culture collide at Music Pro Summit: the ultimate destination to navigate the industry’s most exciting intersection. From NFTs and blockchain to beatmakers and sampling tools, tech innovations have made music monetization & production more exciting than ever.

Sizzle Reel for Music Pro Summit 2021

The conference will focus on education and business development with top speakers from all over the growing music industry including:

Downtown Music Holdings, CBC, Twitch for Musicians, Bandzoogle, Chartmetric, Musiio,, LyricFind, CLMA, Audioshake, Shuffle Presents, CD Baby, and more.

There will be guest speakers and representatives from Europe, India, Africa, Asia/Asia Pacific, and South America.

 “We have to look at the new opportunities that are being presented, and I believe that

  this is an amazing time for businesses and artists to grow at an explosive rate with

  an engaged global online audience. Live streaming, gaming,VR, and AI, are going to play an integral role.”

-Darryl Hurs (Founder of Indie Week)

Some topics will be: Playlisting Strategies, Online Distribution, Monetizing Live Streaming, TikTok Influencers, What Touring looks like in 2022, Future Revenue Streams, Knowing Your Data, etc. Check the full schedule HERE.

Find out more and get your tickets for the Music Pro Summit at

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