Paulaa Falls Into the Indie Pop Scene with ‘Fall In’


One of the most beautiful things about love is that it is a renewable resource — it can be used and felt repeatedly and replaced naturally. Its permanence reveals itself after the loss of a loved one or the amicable ending of a relationship. Even when the two people part, the love given to each other can still be felt. The connection between them is nevertheless still there.


London-based indie-pop artist Paulaa’s latest single, “Fall-in,” is about just that — the connection that remains between two people even after they have parted. The song is full of frenetic energy as it starts then quickly transitions into a cool, soulful mood sustained until slightly haunting undertones finish off the track.


Paulaa explains, “Writing it was so calm, it was a vibe. The last line in the song ‘fall into my arms,’ it’s like saying I’m here, I’m ready whenever you are, I can be your safe space, you can let go. Let’s just cut all the shit out and face the fact that we are meant to be.”

The EP was created in collaboration with Eddie Serafica and recorded in a multi-disciplinary creative hub in North London, the Chocolate Factory. It is a space to foster the freshest of ideas and creations and now Paulaa’s latest EP is one of them.


Fall In Speaks to Love and Life


Speaking on the EP, Paulaa said, “All the stories that go through this EP connect to accessing, processing and communicating emotions. It explores different chapters, feelings and moments that can happen within a person’s life. It’s based on situations from my personal experience, life of those around me and from what I’ve observed over time. Touching on different kind of relationship issues, feeling betrayed by someone close to you, touching upon messages of love, lust and empathy for someone.”


You can have a listen to the EP in its entirety here.