“You Got Me” by Sicily Jordan

There’s a lot to be said about the new single “You Got Me” from rising independent pop player Sicily Jordan this fall, but the most endearing element of the track is undeniably its beat. Where a lot of singers who have the kind of range this artist does would have chosen to go with something a little more melody-centric than what we get in this track, there’s no debating the brilliance of this balanced arrangement, as it presents us with a more full-bodied picture of what Jordan is able to do in both big situations as well as muted moments of majesty.

This lead vocal is obviously carrying a lot of sonic intensity behind it, but never is there a moment where it sounds like Jordan is synthesizing the harmonies for the purpose of sounding even bigger than she actually is. This is a player who I think would be just as fetching in a stadium performance as she is within the four insular walls of a recording studio, and she offers us as much charisma to prove this when she gets into the chorus of this single. She’s got moxie, and it’s never restricted by the setting she happens to be in.

The pulsating bass that follows our singer’s every move from the moment we press play up until the music fades back into the silence from which it came is a major element in shaping the groove here, and I would even go so far as to say it’s responsible for giving “You Got Me” its nightclub appeal. The rhythm was already righteous enough to be taken onto the dancefloor, but with the added push from the bass, it makes the song quite hard to listen to without wanting to shake our bodies to the groove of the bottom end.

Sicily Jordan is far too underrated at this stage of her career, but it’s starting to look like that’s going to change thanks to the success of this latest single to feature her name in the byline. Although there’s nothing wrong with being straightforward in your output, I like pop musicians that don’t mind taking a couple of extra risks, especially when it results in something as tuneful as what we’re getting in this performance. There’s more to learn about who Jordan is, but right now this is probably the most accessible means of getting to know both the artist and her material.

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