Lil Zzzquil reaches the ‘Bottom of the Bottle’

Lil Zzzquil

Music should be made to make the listener feel something. It can be inspiring. It can be the shoulder you need to cry on. By truly listening to music we can take out of it exactly what we need. Our new discovery Lil Zzzquil has made it his goal to create music that people can relate to and also help them grow for the better.

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, the songwriter has had a strong passion and love for music since his childhood. Hearing songs and living through them drew him in even more. This led to the desire to create his own music. At the age of 15 Lil Zzzquil moved to Riverside, California where his career truly began. His sound blends a variety of genres focused around rap and hip-hop. His main purpose remains to inspire and assist those around him.

The latest single by Lil Zzzquil is the truly personal “Bottom Of The Bottle” featuring Eyezayuh. The mellow open with a strummed acoustic guitar and laid back vocals sets the tone. There is a sadness to the track as it yearns to move on after a breakup with a special girl. The minimalism and atmospheric feel of the song lets the listener really relate to the story and feel what the songwriter is going through. The guitar melody creeps up and you will find yourself bopping along before the end. 

We expect good things from this rising artist. Follow more of the Lil Zzzquil journey HERE.

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