Gungor lets Us Know ‘ I Still Love You’


Singer Gungor has released his new song “I Still Love You.” This song is unique because it features vocals from his wife, Isa Ma. This is a perfect listen for anyone who enjoys listening to romantic love songs, especially those that are duets. It will also make for a great listen for anyone who wants psychedelic music. 

“I Still Love You” opens with acoustic guitar, and its verses are sung softly. They are also sung with a slow cadence, allowing listeners to understand every word and truly understand their meaning. 

In the first verse, Gungor sings, “I don’t know how/Don’t know why/Any of this can be seen with these eyes.” This is, on the surface, an ambiguous lyric that allows listeners to want to hear the rest of the song. In the chorus, more instruments, such as a piano and a violin, come into play as the guitars start to get louder. This song’s contrast in instrumental from the verses to the chorus is notable, as it starts slow and builds to a big chorus.

With lyrics comprised of “It’s good/This life/, It’s hard/Still I/I still love you/I Still love you/I still love you,” listeners will be able to understand that Gungor and Isa Ma see this life as complex but also one where they have each other. 

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