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Prime Prophecy

Being part of a band and creating music with the intent to share it with the world is a daunting task. It takes true passion and persistence. Especially when there is no quick way to do it. It takes time. But the time is worth it. Our friends from Prime Prophecy have been at it for years and have just released their new album ‘Borders of Infinity‘ to show off their determination.

We caught up with the band to get a little deeper into the process. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, the name Prime Prophecy is very unique and mysterious, what can you tell us about the name Prime Prophecy?

– Yes, it seems mysterious, however, the real meaning of it is simple. What we had in mind is to
show the importance of the basic concepts of life that are often forgotten by many people.
When someone is in their prime, it means that they are following those concepts to
improve themselves in order to fulfill their own destiny. Our intention is to be the prophets and inspiration for those who desire to carry out that prophecy.

Known as a progressive symphonic metal band, what else can you tell us about your brand of music?
– Our main core of interest is obviously metal, but not only. We are very open to most of the
genres from progressive to jazz… What I’m trying to say is that our inspirations and style is very
open and it is hard to assign our music to a specific genre. Yes, the closest fit is progressive
symphonic metal, but is that all?….It’s not for me to judge.

Your new album ‘Borders of Infinity’ was just released and is quite the cinematic experience, is there a common theme that plays throughout the album?

We are very proud of it. It took us a long time to release “Borders of Infinity”. We wanted to
share our live experiences with the listeners and give them hope and guidance to find their true
destiny and meaning of their life. We believe there is more beyond our daily perspective and we
are destined to find it. I would say that is a common theme of “ Borders of Infinity “

Which band’s have had the biggest influence on Prime Prophecy, and were there any music influences that inspired the sound of the new album?

We are trying to make our own unique music. Obviously we are influenced by many artists
simply by listening to their music, but we are not trying to copy or follow somebody else’s
steps. Ex; Dream Theatre, Katatonia, Riverside etc..They are all great artists, but as Prime
Prophecy, we are trying to find our own path.

You have been making music together for quite a while. What is your secret to longevity in this difficult music business?

Passion for music is definitely fundamental. We have known each other
for many years now and we had good and worse experiences, but we managed to overcome
all the unfavorable situations and we are still on our path forward. We are driven by common
sense and I believe that it is the main key to open the next level of our journey.

Your singles ‘End of the Beginning’ and ‘Memories from the Past’ both feel very story-driven, is this album a conceptual one with a single storyline to follow?

Both music videos have a deep message hidden inside. Our intention was to communicate with many diverse listeners and to fit their individual needs and points of interest. We wanted to show that faith and hope are fundamental in overcoming any life obstacles, that sometimes you have to let things go to take a look at your soul from a different perspective.

When it comes to making music versus playing live, which part of the music process do you like the most?

Both parts are very important. Obviously, to be able to play live concerts you have to create
music first, so one is following another. For us, playing live concerts is a reward for all the time
we have spent in the studio creating our music. Live performances are always very
energetic and our connection with fans is fueling us to go beyond our own expectations.

You are a fairly large band considering the other acts out there, are there any specific challenges to overcome to keep a band this size together?

We are all individuals and we all have responsibilities, different visions and ideas. I won’t lie that sometimes our personal lives interfere with our band’s plans. Definitely, the main thing to overcome challenges is common sense and compromise.

Alright, it’s time to talk about the instruments. What brands of instruments does the band use?

Everyone has some sort of relationship with their own instruments, so it’s all about that individual connection that makes this all happen in the first place. For instruments we use brands like Ibanez, Schecter, Sennheiser, Korg,Yamaha, Zildjian, Behringer, Neural DSP among others.

Finally, and thank you for your time. What does the future hold for Prime Prophecy?

Now we are focusing on live performances, promoting Borders of Infinity. In the near future we are planning to play some open air festivals as well as inside venues, spreading “Prime Prophecy” all over the world!We are open for any collaboration that can open new doors and perspectives for the band. We love what we’re doing and we will do our best to gather more and more fans under the Prime Prophecy banner.

– Thank you for having us!

Keep up with Prime Prophecy on their WEBSITE for more.

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