JHOFF Gets Raw With ‘Heart Of Stone’


When making music is for the joy of it there is no real rush to reach success. Taking your time to enjoy the process will eventually result in the best music you have inside coming out. Our recent discovery of JHOFF shows that time may pass but real music will always emerge. 

It all started back in the early 2010’s when friends Joseph Krassin (Guitar) and Dylan Miller (Percussion) got together to make some music. The duo based in Everett, Washington craft a sound that is raw and unique. Just two guys creating sounds to make you feel something true. JHOFF has been compared to such bands as Queens of the Stone Age, The White Stripes, and Rage Against the Machine. The buzz built quickly back then as the band packed local cafes and small venues. The scene was coming up. But life happens and it was not the right time to grow. 

After a long hiatus, JHOFF is back with an EP on the way this year. A full length album is in the works for 2023 as well. 

The lead single “Heart Of Stone” starts it off with a great reminder of what this duo is all about. The underground feel hits right away as the hard hitting drums and guitar strums take turns grabbing attention. As they meld together the groove is undeniable. Heads will bop and toes will tap. A unique vocal comes in to add another layer to the mix. Some interesting guitar meandering turns up the energy as the song builds. There is a lot to take in here that demands multiple listens.

Dive deeper into JHOFF on there label WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM.

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  1. Mari

    They’re back and better than ever – the PNW/USoA music scene has been sorely missing you two. I love your new songs so much!!! Can’t wait to see you live too!!