Nino Dani touches us “On The Surface”

Nino Dani

Nino Dani is an artist and songwriter who recently announced a brand new track: “On The Surface”. The song is a perfect example of what you can expect from an artist who is always on the lookout for ways to foster creativity and set the bar higher with some exciting new ideas. This song is particularly special in many ways. For starters, Nino teamed up with legendary record producer John Fryer to bring the song to life. The latter has worked with iconic artists such as HIM, Depeche Mode, and Nine Inch Nails; and he now added Nino to his A-list portfolio, having worked on some of his previous singles as well.

Nino’s work should not go unnoticed if you do enjoy artists like DIIV, Joy Division, Dead Rituals, and Slowdive, among others. “On The Surface” happens to be a perfect representation of Nino’s commitment to create music that is really fun and easy to relate to for people of all walks of life. The song has a melancholic feeling to it. Still, there is also room for some rock and metal energy, adding more intensity to the flow of the mix.

In addition to that, Nino Dani loves to write lyrics that are very personal, while still allowing people enough room for interpretation. He really likes the idea of allowing the audience to experience the meaning of his music in a way that makes them feel connected on a deeper level, so that the songs can acquire a different meaning for every person listening. “On The Surface” is no exception. This amazingly relatable song has a one-of-a-kind vibe and it is stunning in terms of production and passionate performance alike.

The sheer quality of the sound design is absolutely spot-on, revealing the many nuances that make this release so diverse and appealing to listen to. Not only is the songwriting really special, but the sounds to go with the music are really perfect to match the vibe of this track as well.

Find out more about Nino and listen to “On The Surface”, which is currently available on all digital music streaming services and beyond. Keep up with more from Nino Dani on Instagram

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