There are far too many bands that get together, have some connections, create some good music and then fade into obscurity often without ever even getting those song creations onto tape.  The bond of good musicians that can write great songs never dies though and once in a while they can get back together to give it another go.  This story seems to ring true with our recent discovery Perren Street Parade.


The original band started back in the late 1980’s using the old school way of an ad placed in Melody Maker magazine.  (This was before the days of Craigslist, lol).  Practices ensued, a demo was made, and record label interest was raised from big names hearing them through rehearsal space walls.  Then just as quick as they formed, Perren Street Parade split up with no gigs and no releases.  Time went by but fate stepped in 2 and a half decades later and founding members Pete West from Devizes and Colin Read from Southampton got back together to record the Perren Street Parades long over due debut.  They were well aware of the ‘old man rock’ stereotype that was to follow them but the new take they produced is fresh as ever.

This time the duo pushed further and released their self titled debut Selling The Family Silver.  The 13 track record  takes that late 80’s classic rock sensibility and mixes it with today’s technology for brand new music.  The opener “Murmurs & Moans” is driven by a melodic guitar while the two voices take turns telling the story.  The keyboards give it a kind of atmospheric feel.  The tone turns a little darker on “Runaway” with a mix of different instruments pushing for space in the mix.  The standout “Shiver” slows it down a little with an intoxicating sound that eases a worried mind.  The vocals seem laid back and mellow.  The full classic atmospheric sounds continue all the way to the closer “Everything You Did”.  It is a testament to today’s technology that two musicians can produce a full spectrum of sound to fill the record.

Take a listen for yourself at:

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