It is a sad fact that for some reason piano lessons for a child are looked down upon as forced hard work in today’s “technology-driven” society.  The gift of learning to create music at a young age is tremendous as well as the proven effects it has on developing other brain functions and skills.  It is not always easy but luckily our recent discovery Ryan Stewart stuck with it and is now an accomplished pianist. stewart

The Salt Lake City, Utah artist was pushed by his classically trained pianist mother to learn the instrument.  Practice was a necessity everyday before pursuing other childhood ideas.  Unfortunately Ryan Stewart’s mother passed away of breast cancer when he was only 13 but the loss only strengthened his passion for the piano as he used the gift to connect with his departed mother.  The dedication paid off and Ryan was awarded a full scholarship for music to the University Of Utah.  Over the years other skills called and Ryan went on to a successful career in computers.  We all know that the music will always draw us back eventually.

Recently Ryan Stewart released his third full album entitled One Journey.  The 13 track record covers the full gamut from piano solos to fully painted orchestral works.  One such full piece is “Under The Willow”.  It is a beautiful and somewhat dark song using haunting vocal sounds and a full atmospheric background.  Ryan shows off some of his piano talent on “When We Met”.  The rise and fall of the sound fills the listener with emotions and awe of the beauty of multi-layered melodies.  The full soundscape of “Coming Home” brings to mind a full scene of visuals as if it was written for a movie soundtrack.  There is true talent in musical composition here.  Sit down and relax with beauty in music at:

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