In this expansive world of music true artists will always find each other when their musical stars align and musical collaboration is to happen.  Working with others opens up a whole new take on the music as ideas are shared and the mix of talents combine to become even better than the sum of its parts.  A great example is our recent find Passion In Constellation.


The project  is the brainchild of Buffalo, NY based producer Chris Alan.  He describes it as an indie-electronic space ship ride through the stars.  That pretty much sums it up.  There are no genre lines as the contributors work in and out of any style they see fit relying on the indie electronica world as its base.  Passion In Constellation seeks out musicians and vocalists to guest star on each others tracks in different ways to add to the community experience.  The results are unique and flow quite nicely.

We were able to get a listen to some of the latest music by Passion In Constellation and a peek into their world.  On “Weird Tonight” there is an almost music-box type sound that adds a fun flair while the rest of the soundscape is filled with exotic noise coming from seemingly all angles.  The dance floor attack is on with the house music based “Smash”.  There is still a slightly spooky vibe to the song with its interesting sounds jumping in and out of the party fray.  The lead track is “We Want It All ft. Cara Doyle”.  It is a pop friendly song with Cara’s melodic vocals leading the way through the smooth beats that would be just as fitting on the dance floor as in the bedroom.  Seems like Passion In Constellation is on its way to having everything they want; love serenity, and unity.  Join the movement at:

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