When we discover a musician the creates highly original music that catches our attention we like to keep tabs on them.  Some of the greatest music out there is very far from the norm.  Our friend A.S. Swanski likes it that way.


The Dutch born and now Swedish based experimental solo artist has been able to put it all together.  A.S. Swanski combines the free-spirited, innovative energy of krautrock with the earthiness and stark boldness of post-punk while crafting a relaxed and somewhat mesmerizing sound.  His experiences as a musician, journalist, author of non fiction and crime novels and a former rock critic has shaped the interesting artist.

This month the European Music Maker has released his new album Zafari.  The 8 track album combines the personal with the political while creating a soundscape to warp your mind.  The opener “Safari” sets the vibe with its atmospheric sound and gibberish vocal track.  The listener is in for a wild ride.  On “Hartland” A.S. Swanski turns to a somewhat dark piano tone that stays pretty even with its minor chord structure and minimalistic style.  There is a more experimental feel on “WW” where a full soundscape is crafted to relax any busy mind.  The record continues with more hypnotizing piano and electronic soundwaves throughout.  We recommend listening to the full record start to finish for the full experience.  Enjoy at:  http://www.asswanski.com/zafari/


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