Once a person feels the bite of making music in their soul it will always come back to haunt them.  Sometimes life gets in the way and a musical hiatus must be taken but the lure of making music will always lurk in the background waiting for its chance to strike.   A good example is our latest find Da Butcher.

Da Butcher

The hip hop artist from Brentwood, NY is a true lover of the classic hip hop form.  He recorded his first mixtape back in 2006 and another in 2008 but then was distracted by life and tended to other needs.  Music never leaves though and came back to Da Butcher with a vengeance and got him up recording and performing again last year.  The gift is still there and his style and flow seem as fresh as ever.

This past Halloween Da Butcher released his EP All Hallows Eve.  The 5 track record is the fall appetizer for the full collaboration he did with friend Raz that is due out by next year.  The opener “All Hallows” sets the tone with a dark and haunting tone.  The lyrics are fresh as Da Butcher pushes them out effortlessly.  The spooky feel continues on “Black Widow” and “Last Breath” which calls in some additional female vocals to add another touch of mystery.  The album closer with “L.I.F.E.” a larger than life song with a big beat to push it forward and get the heads bobbing.  This bonus track really sticks out to me.

Go get a listen for yourself at: http://www.datpiff.com/Da-Butcher-All-Hallows-Eve-Ep-mixtape.662101.html

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