Not every musician has the aim of being the main attraction standing at the center of the stage.  There are tons of fantastic performers that provide the background soundtrack for the face in front of the music.  After a while in the background a few of these artists have built up so much music inside them that they turn to putting it all out under their own name.  Phillip Foxley is a good example of this.

Phillip Foxley

The songwriter and guitarist from the UK first picked up a guitar in the 1970’s and dove into the instrument.  Phillip Foxley learned his chops playing in bars and clubs and then found himself in studio sessions, house bands, and writing music for TV and film soundtracks.  These experiences allowed him to learn how to create music through many different genres and tones.  

Now Phillip Foxley has released his own debut album I’ll Try ‘Til I Die.  The 19 track album takes the listener on a long ride through a wide array of musical stylings.  The opener “The Place!” is a dark tinged deep song that pulls in your attention and brings a classic rock sound with emotional vocals by Tony Pappas.  The dark vibe continues on “I Don’t Want To Go” with a more mellow delivery that creates a fully orchestral sound.  There are many strong instrumental tracks on the album as well to feature Foxley’s talent from the blues-rock of “Demon Lover” to the classic rock sounds of “Time” featuring some amazing guitar work.  By the time you reach the closer “Racing Through Time” (and its paired instrumental version) you have experienced what a musician with years of experience can create even if much of that time was not right in your face.  The safety of the background allows true experimentation and learning.  Keep up with Phillip Foxley at: 

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