We all know that success in a music career often relates to just being in the right place at the right time in front of the right person.  What that really boils down to though, is playing out there as much as you can and you increase the chances of all these stars lining up exponentially.  One success story is our recent find Dylan Reisch.

Dylan Reisch

The Australian born singer songwriter now living in Toronto, Canada, with producers based in the United States makes for quite a diverse set of influences combining to make something fresh and new.  Dylan Reisch grew up playing in many bands with friends always being the life of the party.  Music wasn’t really thought of as a career possibility as he travelled the world but the experiences led to more and more songwriting.  After landing in Toronto in 2008, Dylan started playing with more successful bands.  Then that one night came when at a sold out show, a small time Independent record label rep quietly listened at the back of the room. After that night he was presented a recording contract and now a year later Dylan is on the verge of releasing his first debut solo record.

The full record is due for release in early 2016 on New Media Records.  The lead single “Hit The Road” is already out there making the rounds.  It is a peppy pop rock song with a tinge of joyful country.  The melody is very catchy and Dylan’s voice captures attention with its feel good vibe.  Looking forward to what next.  Keep up for yourself at: http://dylanreisch.com/ 

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