Indie Band Guru is still based in NYC and there is a great music scene here but we like to experience music from all over especially the West Coast.  Luckily we have made some good friends in the band El Gato Dice that keep us up to date.

El Gato Dice

The San Francisco based group produces a pretty experimental indie rock sound that shows off the freedom of the California music scene.  There are many influences here as founder Dave grew up in Cleveland, Ohio loving surf and shoegaze music while other original member Bob hails from the North Carolina college underground scene.  Mix that along with the eclectic experience that is San Francisco and you get something quite interesting and different.

Earlier this year El Gato Dice released their 2nd full length album simply titled Dos.  The 10 track record continues to explore a wide variety of genres.  From the instrumental opener “Matador” you know right away you are in for some different here.  Although the next track is titled “Clean” the mess of dynamic sounds coming at you from every angle is quite raw and dirty.  The softly sung vocals are a nice antithesis of this.  The attack of the acoustic guitars stands out.  The band’s most common tone is heard on “So Say”.  A melancholic droning that reaches an emotional and anthemic climax along with melodic guitar lines and harmonies.  To truly experience El Gato Dice “Insatiable” is a must listen.  The 6 and a half minute instrumental track seems to have everything they do mashed into one.  It is deep, it is dark, it is soaring.  This needs to be the soundtrack on my alarm clock for getting my day started from now on.  By the time you get to the acoustic closer “Walk A Mile” your mind is in need of its relaxed sitting around a campfire feel.  Definitely a record to listen to start to finish.

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