Had a rough night out last night with an old friend coming back to town.  Always dangerous trying to relive the “old days” when your body can’t handle them anymore.  Today we needed some mellow music to stop the pounding in my head.  Luckily it didn’t take long to find the acoustic songwriter Pia Dean at the top of the Pop charts on Reverb Nation.

The Cambridge UK artist has gathered quite a following with her pop take on the singer songwriter genre.  She creates real partnerships between words and music that blend together perfectly, basically poetry set to music.  Her influences are varied and include such artists as Amy Winehouse, James Morrison, U2, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Kings Of Leon, Jason Mraz, and Adele.  She is not selfish with her songs and often brings in guest vocalists to add another layer of flavor to her individual songs.

Pia Dean has been putting out a string of singles through her Reverb Nation page.  Her latest song is ‘Another Maybe’ featuring Caroline Langford on vocals. It is a remix of the song ‘Maybe’ that Pia performed herself previously.  The song is very well written as the rhythm carries you through both a mellow and powerful vocal mix.  There is also a very well-produced video for the song which shows the professionalism of the artists and the reality that her music is ready for the mainstream.  ‘Achilles Heal’ featuring Nikki Dine-Hart is another sweet acoustic song where her overdubbed voices mix well, especially in the outro as they speak over each other and the music cascades into a beautiful collage of sounds.

We are excited to see what else comes from songwriter Pia Dean in the future.  She is a true artist that has mastered the songwriting craft and I’m sure has a great career ahead of her.

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