I am still trying to keep my head mellow for this long holiday weekend and am not ready for hard rock to bang my head to.  So let’s keep with our recent theme of searching for meaningful lyrics, or even poetry set to music.  We found another interesting artist today doing something different.  Please welcome Adena Atkins.

Her songwriting recipe is simple but creates something quite unusual.  She begins with lyrics/poetry and then adds a wildly imaginative and creative mixture of sounds to form songs that are different yet feel warm and comforting.  Adena’s soprano voice is well trained and a beautiful instrument all by itself.  Soon after moving to Seattle to pursue music as a career she met producer Jay Pinto and a partnership was born to put the songs in her head into the full-fledged soundscapes they have now become.

Adena Atkin’s previous EP was entitled The Slowest Curve.  It is a 4 song collection of esoteric and quite unique songs.  The four tracks are each set in front of a window during a different season.  The disc opens with ‘Glass’, an electronic synth based song that gives the space to focus on the descriptive lyrics of a scene being created.  I did feel a taste of Bjork thrown in here.  It is a perfect opening to prepare the listener for quite an interesting record.  The EP closes with perhaps my favorite track, ‘Hot Grey Morning’.  Adena really lets her voice shine here while not trying to impress you with range or vocal tricks.  It is a beautiful song that is perfect for lying in bed on a rainy day not wanting to get up and face the world.

This wonderful songwriter is now preparing to record another EP.  She is off to Las Vegas to record with producer Angel Angelov, who has worked with greats such as George Michael and Michael Jackson.  Obviously Adena is very excited about this and is looking to spread the word.  Hopefully we can help make this happen.

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