When an artist writes a song it often happens in pieces.  Sometimes it takes years for all these pieces to come together into the cohesive unit that the artist sees for the music.  The brain of an artist often yearns for a perfection that is tough to ever reach.  Our recent find Playfio has been at it for a while and is as close as many can come.

Ryan Reynolds

The songwriter and producer, born with the name Rob Playford, hails from Lincoln, now based in Glasgow, Scotland.  Even before he became Playfio in 2012 he was developing his unique sound.  About 5 years ago he wrote the track “Velvet”.  Since then he has been tinkering with the guitar, vocals, and drums resulting in a dark vibe that mesmerizes the mind.  The production is top notch as the overdubs and effects create a full atmosphere of sound.

He is always on the lookout for interesting collaborations with all types of creative individuals and recently found the performance art work of Reynold Reynolds that seems to perfectly blend with the song.  Enjoy the full work together here:



Keep up with more from Playfio at: http://www.playfio.com/

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