Texas may be known for football and country music, but no one said that it’s ONLY about country music. Skinny is Green are here to mix things up. Bringing together an electronic tempo and raspy vocals may not sound like a very likely combination, but S I G happen to pull it off quite well. When you listen to a song like “Dreamers”, you are put into a very electronic, computerized state. Then you are thrown right into a guitar sequence that flows very well with the digital sounds that were created. It’s like combining two of the most popular types of music: electronic and rock, and it works out really well for Skinny is Green. But, what is that? These vocals… They definitely give off an Incubus vibe, something very unexpected. When you think of electronic music, you think of auto tune, right? None of that here, there’s just pure talent.

Skinny Is Green

We’re off to a good start here, but let’s skip to the next song, “Speed of Light”. We’re thrown straight into vocals, with minimal electronic introduction. A semi-soft melody is very pleasing on the ears as we’re introduced to this song, but before you know it, you want to start dancing. It comes out of nowhere, but it’s very welcomed. I can’t say that this is like anything I’ve heard before, but that’s exactly why Skinny is Green are memorable. The lyrics are catchy, the beat makes you want to get your head bobbing and start jumping, but also play the air guitar at the same time. It’s a lot to manage, trust me, I tried.

It seems like every song by Skinny is Green has a completely different vibe. Now I’m listening to “Angel”, and I feel like I’m on a tropical island. Before I get too comfortable on that island, I’m thrown into a hypnotic trance following the second verse. By the end of the song, I’ve indulged in a vacation, a psychedelic trip, and a very 1970’s-esq guitar solo. I’m confused but I’m happy at the same time. I’ve never heard so many types of music blended together in one song before, and I love it. Skinny is Green has definitely left an impression.

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*reviewed by Kristy Linkous of Indie Band Guru

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