In Indie Band Guru’s constant quest to discover new music sometimes we come across something so different that it makes us stop in our tracks and pay attention.  Today’s wake up was caused by Crabitat.


The artist from Western Australia, also known as Mat Edwards, is actually a mine geologist that began a fun venture that grabbed the attention of the internet and The Crabitat Channel was born.  The channel which features various hermit crab related content describes itself as ‘real crabs, fake talking, more laughs!’  

The first entry into the Crabitat world was the video “#MMM22 | Next Set | Next Step Parody – Kerser”.  The song lets him rap a musical parody over beats by Mixla.  Take it in here:



The next video by The Crabitat Channel takes it even further.  “Deadset 6 | Kerser Chili Pepper Mash” steps up the video skills with a triple screen of action with recognizable beats pounding away in the background as each Crabitat takes a turn at the mc spitting powerful yet amusing lyrics.  Soak this one in here:



Keep up with more coming videos at:

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