Popey Leaps to the Scene with Debut Single ‘5 O’Clock’


2017 has been a big year for new pop punk acts leaping onto the scene. Riding on that wave is newcomer Popey, debuting his solo career with “5 O’Clock” out now.

Finally Finding His Own Sound, Popey Debuts ‘5 O’Clock’

“5 O’Clock” takes on your typical love song in a way you haven’t thought about it before. Everyone has been at work longing until they can see their significant other again. The lyrics follow those feelings until 5 o’clock and you’re finally out of work, free able to be with them again.

The music video doesn’t quite follow the same scene, since you watch a couple though their struggles. Following their fight while the guy is at work to their triumphant (and possibly NSFW) make up.

With his first release as a solo artist, Popey is tasked with standing out from the crowd but still captivating a larger audience. “5 O’Clock” perfectly combines all the elements that make his sound individual and stand out while still appealing to fans of other artists. Elements of pop, punk, and rock are all present, wrapped up in a new generation of new wave sounds that keep the track stuck in your head all day.

Written by Popey himself, he also performs vocals and guitar on the track. Though produced by Ollie Brown and Sean Carey, Popey shines through in overall production and sound in the end.

Working hard to prefect his sound and craft, Popey is now ready to release the single for “5 O’Clock” and it’s well produced visual.

The Australian native grew up in Newcastle but has since moved to West Sydney while working on his individual sound. From 2013 though 2015, Popey was front man for a Sydney-based pop punk band Now or Never. After performing around Sydney in numerous venues, opening for several Australian bands, and gaining radio success with the band’s single “Evacuate,” Popey began working on his own solo endeavor.