Jules Verne Theory Releases 80s Inspired Single “Never Get Stuck in a Lift”

Jules Verne Theory

They may not bring us 20,000 leagues under the sea, but Jules Verne Theory will transport us back to the 80s in their newest single “Never Get Stuck In A Lift (With Someone You Love)”. The electro-pop track provides easy-listening vibes along with a few reasons why we should never get stuck in an elevator with someone we love. Members Richard Slee and Arron Clague reveal a rather personal side of themselves, bringing their emotions to life through singing of love, heartbreak, and more.



The Elton John-esque track, “Never Get Stuck In A Lift (With Someone You Love)”, isn’t Jules Verne Theory’s only classic pop track, though. The group has numerous highly regarded EP’s and singles and released their debut album, Black Swan, in July 2016. The duo has also opened for Heaven 17, along with Human League, which was a sold out concert.

Creators Behind Jules Verne Theory

Aside from Jules Verne Theory, Slee and Clague have further explored the entertainment industry and more. Clague has worked at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and also worked with writing and recording in the media production industry. Similarly, Clague is part of the Eight To Infinity Production team where he has produced tracks for groups such as Erasure and Heaven 17. The production team, in turn, produced their own LP, Aether, which took flight immediately with its catchy electronic tracks, landing them in multiple marketing campaigns including Abercrombie and Fitch. Additionally, Clague produces music for Dublin Arts Council installations and contributes to Isle of Man singer/songwriter Clara Barkers’ upcoming album.


While Clague prefers the behind the scenes moves, Slee has more of a passion for performing live. He’s been performing live for over 20 years and has earned a degree in drama. Slee’s experience ranges from performing with well-known UK comedian and actor Greg Davies to taking a lead role in the short film “Harm”, produced by the Moving Picture Company. Since then, Slee completed a postgraduate business degree in Australia, returned to the Isle of Man, and taken to the local arts scene. He also is a founding member of the Shoestring Theatre Company, along with having performed numerous different music acts in the UK and Isle of Man.


In The End…


Overall, it’s safe to say the creators of Jules Verne Theory did so after a long history of experience. The group’s broad professional past has turned the duo into a well-rounded, intelligent group who’s wit is manifested into their music. Jules Verne Theory has been on a roll lately, producing at a quick rate, but now one can only wait until their next release. Until then…


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