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Jules Verne Theory is No ‘One Hit Wonder’

It has been a while now since our friends from Jules Verne Theory decided to come out from behind the scenes and put their own music out there for the world to hear. They have supplied us with a string of interesting and innovative songs that keep us guessing where they will go next. Well

Jules Verne Theory Takes On The Apex Predator

With this tumultuous political climate currently throughout the world many artists are expressing their thoughts in song.  Musicians, especially independent artists, are often in touch with the the real world and unafraid to let their mind be heard.  Even bands that are not really known for their politics are getting into the action as of

Jules Verne Theory Is The Black Swan

When we come across exceptional music from extraordinary musicians we tend to keep on the lookout for more new music from these artists to fill our headphones.  It may have taken 2 long years but our friends from Jules Verne Theory are finally back.  This time with a full album titled Black Swan for our