Jules Verne Theory is No ‘One Hit Wonder’

One Hit Wonder

It has been a while now since our friends from Jules Verne Theory decided to come out from behind the scenes and put their own music out there for the world to hear. They have supplied us with a string of interesting and innovative songs that keep us guessing where they will go next. Well here is “One Hit Wonder”.

The skills that the duo of the dark progressive music project have brought with them are second to none. Richard Slee and Arron Clague have worked with huge projects throughout Europe and built up an assortment of influences and talent that continues to deliver. Earlier this year Indie Band Guru covered the powerful Apex Predator with rave reviews. (Read it HERE).



Jules Verne Theory is now releasing their latest track “One Hit Wonder”. It is an electro-pop banger that is ready for the dance floor. The dark streak continues, especially in the vocal style that has been prevalent in JVT music.

Jules Verne Theory Has Stories To Share

In those lyrics of “One Hit Wonder”, there is a story that brings the listener even deeper into the song. We all wonder how a One Hit Wonder comes to be. Jules Verne Theory is here to lay it on the table for you.

The energetic beat will keep your body moving as you fall into a trance trying to focus on one of the many distinct parts of the song. We hear influences from everywhere, even a little middle eastern tone thrown in there to keep you guessing. This one demands multiple listens to experience them all. Hit replay now and take your time letting this one get inside your mind!

Surely there’s more to come. Keep an ear on Jules Verne Theory HERE.

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