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Starla Starshine Takes Us To The ‘Red Lagoon’

Modern rock n’ roll hippie Starla Starshine unleashes a litany of colorful textures, atmospheric grooves and brooding lyrical content meant to stimulate the mind, body and soul in her new extended play Red Lagoon (out now). Blending together different styles of play ranging from more contemporary, focused pop to abstract, ultra-sublime industrial rock and psychedelia, Red Lagoon pushes the

Jules Verne Theory is No ‘One Hit Wonder’

It has been a while now since our friends from Jules Verne Theory decided to come out from behind the scenes and put their own music out there for the world to hear. They have supplied us with a string of interesting and innovative songs that keep us guessing where they will go next. Well

Celadon Candy – Music Will Find A Way

Many artists within a band have tons of music inside them just waiting to get out.  This music may not always fit within the confines of the current band.  It can remain buried deep inside the artist never getting heard by anyone else or a side project could be started to expose these songs to