Artists must always have their mind open to influences. Nothing should be off limits. The more you hear, and the seemingly strange, may actually be the spark that creates your unique sound. Our new discovery speakeazie had that open mind and is now creating music that is truly her own.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the indie pop artist is grabbing attention quickly. The special sound of speakeasy is drawn from her fascination with the 1920s. Her deep vocal tone and dreamy vibe has created something fresh. Only starting her career in late 2021, things picked up fast for speakeasie with the release of her debut album Prohibition Hippie in January 2022. After 70K streams in the first 5 months, she knew she was onto something.

Not one to rest on her laurels, speakeazie got right back to creating and in May 2022 released her followup album Bootlegger Blood. The 5 track record dives deeper into her world. The opener “I’m A Wreck, Not A Queen” sets the tone immediately. The soothing and sultry pace draws in the listener to be part of the world of speakeazie. 

speakeazie IS Right For Your Praise

The self-disparaging (and completely wrong!) “Ain’t Right For Your Praise” continues the vibe. A synth laced atmospheric tone eases the mind as her lyrics pour with real emotion. Sounds blend to create a full spectrum of lush musical tapestry. “Don’t Go Anywhere” keeps this rolling along.

There is an almost spooky feel to “I’m Crushed By His Gaze.” The experimental sound does not fit the norm but instead keeps you guessing where speakeazie will take you next. The beat and melody are almost contradictory, demanding multiple listens to take it all in. There is a LOT going on here.

The record closer “They Whisper Voodoo” turns up the feelings to the max. A simplistic opening allows the lyrics and unique vocal style, be the highlight. Noises start to creep in for all angles to fill out the speakers. Again, a lot going on to absorb but that is what real music is supposed to do.

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