Matt Alter Keeps Us Awake With ‘Insomnia’

Matt Alter

Let’s face it, once music seeps into your soul it will always be there. The passion we have for music and creating it never goes away. Life will always get in the way, but the music will always remain. Our friend Matt Alter is a testament to this. Now he has set his solo career on fire with a third album coming later this year. The lead single “Insomnia” is here now.

We raved about the last album Race To The Finish by Matt Alter back in late 2021. Happy to see that one of our favorite surgeon/musicians has been hard at work since then putting together a follow up. The drive to create fresh music has not stopped. Expect the new album Did I Offend You? this coming December. There is no holding back as Alter improves as a songwriter.

As an appetizer Matt Alter has let us all hear the lead single “Insomnia.” It is a dark rocker that creeps along with an edge. Powerful drums set the pace right away while guitar flows over it in layers. Later says “I always imagined Insomnia as a person that would creep into bed and keep me awake at night.” We can feel his disdain for this fight to get some rest. His unique vocal style makes sure of that. Ominous and dark in the verses but bright and strong in the hook. The fact that he does all of this on his own is truly impressive. 

Matt Alter is not afraid to tell it like it is without the fear of pissing anyone off. His upcoming album makes sure of that. Keep up with his rise and the new music on his WEBSITE.

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