The Chain of Eris Return with “King Nothing”

Chain of Eris

With electric guitar and entertaining lyrics regarding dark folk fantasies; the new song of The Chain of Eris provides many things in their song. Heorhi Voitka and Volha Kvasnevskaya are once again here to satisfy the metal fans. As usual, they did not deliver the usual metal songs but rather their signature style. They gained thousands of followers based on their signature and unique rock metal songs. “King Nothing” is the latest gem from their side in this style. However, it has something more distinctive.

The Chain of Eris always launches their songs with unusual names that have deep meaning in the song. “King Nothing” has a similar case. The name is given after an incredible reference from the song:

“Uncrowned King of Misery, tortured prophet of the void, 

King Nothing giving wild dreams

“For all who turned heads and closed eyes…”

According to the singers, the song represents a path to beauty, darkness, and infinity. The song conveys the indirect message of self-conversation. They have declared the song as the head of their latest album, “Wrong. The song was recorded in a home studio in White River Junction, Vermont. It is going to be released on September 7th, 2022. The song is available on various music websites such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Deezer.

The Chain of Eris is a rising metal band known for its own brand of dark rock metal. The band has two outstanding musicians: the attractive Heorhi Votika, who is the drummer, guitarist, pianist, and vocalist, and the stunning Olga Kvasnevskaya, who is the lead singer, guitarist, and is noted for her superb bass guitar talents. They formally launched The Chain of Eris in September 2021, when they released their debut album, “American Darkness.” It had 25 tracks, which provided complete gratification to metal aficionados. With their appealing melodic styles and exceptionally engaging vocals, all of the songs are wonderfully sumptuous to listen to.

Aside from “American Darkness,” the band has a lot of popular singles, including “Love Can’t Breathe,” “Murder Ballade,” “Gegen Die Wand,” and many more. They produced another full-length album, “Wrong,” in 2022, which became the basis for the band’s success. It had ten songs, several of which went on to become successes. The band was effective in demonstrating their raw abilities.

The band is now situated in Vermont, USA, and preparing for a new project. They are planning tours and considering partnering with other artists and musicians in a similar manner.

To enjoy more music by The Chain of Eris visit their profiles on Spotify and Soundcloud.



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