The Angry Toons Start It Off With ‘Toonomicon”

The Angry Toons

After being in the music scene for a while sometimes you will find yourself looking for something fresh. There is nothing wrong with this. Music is meant to be explored and experimented with. Our recent discovery The Angry Toons went all in on this and created something truly unique.

Avant-garde metal veterans Wonderland Syndrome have released 13 studio albums and toured all over North America. Bassist Anth0s and guitarist Cap’n Morgan decided they wanted to explore even beyond what they were doing. They brought in local legend Eagorr on drums and jams quickly turned into songs. Wanting to take it even further, the unique voice of local artist Scampi was welcomed to the group. The Angry Toons were born.

Together they crafted a Genre-Defying Cartoon Metal band that is open to exploring music in whatever way they see fit. Exploding out of the Oakland, California scene, The Angry Toons are a band that promises to leave a lasting impression on the avant-garde metal scene. Something different that will set them apart.

On June 6th The Angry Toons released their debut album Toonomicon. The 11 track record pulls no punches and lays all the ‘weird’ out there for all to enjoy. As it kicks off with “Endless Scream” a distorted guitar sets the warped stage before the deep bass and unique vocal sounds come in. The energy builds quickly into a true orgasm of sound. 

Some real range and depth is shown on “Renegade Retribution.” Led by an acid jazz saxophone line by Nathan Peterson, this one tries to soothe your mind before the full assault comes in to take over. Sounds weave in and out taking the listener on a full journey over the 8 minute long song. Exotic sounds continue on “Big Bad Wolf” which has that dark vibe you would expect from the title. The spoken world style vocal delivery of the verse lets you really absorb what is benign thrown at you. Some epic guitar work adds another bunch of twists and turns to enjoy.

Enjoy ‘Big Bad Wolf’ by The Angry Toons

A classic rock vibe crept in on “Toon Raider” for me although deep in the psychedelic way. The vocals stand out again to punctuate the story. Sounds mesh together in wild ways to truly confuse your mind in the best way possible. The punk infused “Sh!t Show” hits hard with a raw power reminiscent of The Sex Pistols, but with much better musicians. The Angry Toons are able to put this together in a strangely elegant way.

As the record closes with a reimagining of “Godzilla” by The Edgar Winter Group to show off some of the influences that have built The Angry Toons. A wild exotic imagination that can take something and truly make it their own.

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