Jules Verne Theory Is The Black Swan

Jules Verne Theory

When we come across exceptional music from extraordinary musicians we tend to keep on the lookout for more new music from these artists to fill our headphones.  It may have taken 2 long years but our friends from Jules Verne Theory are finally back.  This time with a full album titled Black Swan for our listening pleasure.  

This project is comprised of two talented music men that have been in the industry for many years.  Jules Verne Theory brings together the experience of Richard Slee and Arron Clague.  To their credit they have worked with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Eight To Infinity Production, and the Dublin Arts Council among others including remixes for Heaven 17 and Erasure.  

When Jules Verne Theory started putting out their own music many heads were turned including Ninthwave Records which quickly signed the duo to release their music.  After a string of successful singles and EPs, they are now ready for the full-length album.

The album Black Swan was just released on July 29th, 2016.  It consists of 11 songs of aural excitement.  The opener “Time Traveller” welcomes the listener to the amalgamation of classic dance sounds with new elements to bring in new ears.  The vocals with their dark and somewhat monotonous tone allow you to enter the Jules Verne Theory trance.  



The lead single “Vienna Calling” is a more pop-friendly tune with a relatable story being told of trying to make a long-distance relationship work.  A music video accompanies the track showing Jules Verne Theory performing behind their Apple laptops (great product placement if they can get some sponsorship for it).  There is a more atmospheric sound to “Coordinate”.  Rising sounds come in to build a full background for the vocals on the verge of being a spoken word piece.  There is a beauty to the simplicity here.  The electronic dancefloor sound returns on “Annonymous”.  The exotic industrial beat will get all sorts of bodies moving.  The record closes with “Requiem For A Dying Star”.  This is more spacy atmospheric meanderings letting the listener enter a state of relaxation as the vocals lead them down a path that escapes from the trance the album has but them into.  

You can keep up with the band at: http://www.julesvernetheory.com/

And have a listen to the record on iTunes or Spotify

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