Padre Tóxico Comes Out Swinging With Synesthesia

Padre Tóxico

Music is in all of us. There are many that let it stay there dormant just absorbing what is on the radio. Then there are others who truly connect with the sounds from their speakers. The next level is the people that feel so much from what they hear that they decide to start creating their own music. Our recent discovery Padre Tóxico falls into this category and is putting it all out there with a pair of new LPs.

The sounds of the past have finally caught up with the budding musician. As Padre Tóxico was growing up, the golden era of hip-hop was his first real musical love. Legends like Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and 2Pac sparked the fire to soak up the sound. But still not ready to jump into creation. More recently, he was struck by the modern electronic music explosion from artists such as Jon Hopkins, Synkro, and Stimming. 

The fuse has now been lit. Within the last year, Padre Tóxico decided to dive into making music himself. He went and purchased the equipment and has not looked back since. Music just started flowing. The result being two full-length records. The electronic Synesthesia and the more hip-hop flavoured Life Supplement.

As we dive into Synesthesia with the fitting opener “Headphones On” we realize that this will be a journey into sound. The beats grind away while the ambient touches ease the mind. Quite the dichotomy. These vibes continue on “Jaunty”. This time starting with the more mellow feel before diving into a beat that will get your head bopping along.

There seems to be a sort of evil hiding within ‘Wait For It” as the soundwaves fill the sonic space little by little leaving the listener waiting for the fall. Exotic sounds weave in and out effortlessly, not only through the speakers but through your mind.

“Ambient Encounter” does the same as the long synth sounds keep the brainwaves steady while the underlying beat keeps the heart steadily beating at a revved-up pace. I found myself sinking deep into my chair as the music of Padre Tóxico had me seemingly pinned down.

More of the modern trance-floor feel is felt on “Rugged”. There is no easing in here. Sounds come at you from every angle to take your mind wherever it wishes to go. The full sonic palette was brought in for this one. 

By the time we get to the album closer “Primero”, Padre Tóxico is trying to finish us off with a wicked sound panning effect having us questioning what we are truly experiencing. Sounds wash over us before an attacking horn comes in to bring us back to attention. The artist has officially had his way with us and we are walking away smiling.

Keep up with more from Padre Tóxico on INSTAGRAM and SOUNDCLOUD.

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