Gazi is Officially ‘On The Verge’


As the tools for creating music become more and more accessible the line between Artist and Producer has faded away. Now a songwriter can take a song idea from a melody in his head to a fully produced product ready for release to the world. Our recent discovery Gazi seems to be a great example to the new artist/producer in one.

Taking the time to learn all the tools himself, Gazi records everything himself. Guitars, synths, drums, bass, vocals; he does it all. Then after the song is recorded, he dives in and provides the production talent to mix the tracks into a complete product. Gazi describes himself as a conductor of musical currents that are sure to electrify you to your core. 

The latest release by Gazi is groove-heavy “On The Verge.” The song is designed to replicate that moment when something like a rocketship breaks through the atmosphere. Almost like you’re being blasted off to space through sound. Interesting guitar effects open up the track to lead us into that spacy feeling. The vocals come in with effects as well to further the sonic atmosphere. A beat keeps the flow going as innovative sounds seem to come in from every angle. The 3-minute track takes the listener on quite an interesting journey and leaves them wanting more.

Check out the song on your favorite platform HERE.


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