Jules Verne Theory Takes On The Apex Predator

Apex Predator

With this tumultuous political climate currently throughout the world many artists are expressing their thoughts in song.  Musicians, especially independent artists, are often in touch with the the real world and unafraid to let their mind be heard.  Even bands that are not really known for their politics are getting into the action as of late.  Our friends from Jules Verne Theory have jumped in with their latest single “Apex Predator”.

The dark progressive music project is comprised of a duo with a lot of past experience in the music industry.  Richard Slee and Arron Clague have worked with huge projects throughout Europe.  With the Jules Verne Theory they put all this experience together to produce top notch sounds with a mix of genres mashed together to create something original.  

Last summer they put out the album Black Swan which drew some great reviews and showed they were here to spice up the independent music scene.  Now they are back with more.

The Apex Predator Has A Challenger


The latest single by Jules Verne Theory comes complete with a lyric video.  “Apex Predator” is a commentary on the current state of European and American politics that you can dance to.  The song jumps right out at you with a pumping beat and a stream of staccato vocals to get in your head.  Being the free artists that they are, they dove right into the possible friction created by a political statement song.  Artists have a voice.  It is their job to use it.  

The lyrics paint the picture of the Apex Predator that we need to rise up against and stand for our own beliefs no matter what.  Even for the listener that doesn’t want the politics will find themselves moving along to the powerful energy of the song.  

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