IBG Interview – 7 Questions With The Dark Knight

Dark Knight

Music is designed to create emotions.  You must find something that creates emotions for you when you are creating music.  We recently sat down with The Dark Knight to discuss his journey into the original sound he creates through a mix of styles not put together too often.  Enjoy the interview here:


So tell us, how did you become The Dark Knight?


So the name Dark Knight came about when I practically found my style of music, in one of my songs which I’ll be releasing in a few week explains the origins of how I got the name dark knight called ‘Once Upon A Time


How would you describe your interesting sound?


My sound I would say is quite dark and distorted. Most of my songs have hip hop mixed with rock elements, which I like to call Hip Rock. Although this song I just released is more experimental to me


Who would you say are your musical influence?


Kanye west, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Yung Lean & Metallica


What is your songwriting process?


Usually I just smoke a ton of cigarettes and drink which usually gets my creative process going . Sometimes I freestyle and sometimes it takes a while to write lyrics down.


What do you hope to provide the listener?


I hope to give the listener feelings of high emotions, whether it be sadness, anger or happiness.


What is next for the Dark Knight?


I’ll be releasing another song in 2 weeks times and then a few weeks, after that I’ll be releasing my first Ep.


What advice would you give to other artist blazing their own trail in music?


Follow your heart, do what makes you happy, make music that you like as there will always be fans out there no matter what, you just have to keep searching daily.

Keep up with the Dark Knight and his innovative music HERE.


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