Purple Jay Releases His New Single, “Summer Vibes”

Purple Jay

Purple Jay writes, raps, and produces all of his own music — and he’s only 16. It’s clear he’s still searching for his voice but his lyrics are satisfyingly simple, and his vocals are engineered to a crisp.  He’s made a habit of blending genres and it’s beginning to flow quite well. You can take a look at his Soundcloud to get a good look at his work.

Here’s the latest single by Purple Jay, “Summer Vibes”.


Purple Jay makes music with a “hitmaker” mindset. There’s a blatant Atlanta rap influence draped over his music and he lets his personal interpretation shine through brightly in each of his verses. This time, he’s looking to mesh R&B and Trap and winds up creating a piece fit for the backseat of your buddy’s Honda or a beach day with friends and family. As for his other work, I’d suggest taking a look at “Vibin”, a Latin Reggae love ballad where he really showcases his smooth vocals.

Purple Jay is currently based in Germany but plans to move the United States to further his career. Until then, he’ll be honing his skills on the guitar and mastering his craft behind the microphone. If he can keep putting out catchy pieces like this one, I’d bet we’ll be hearing his name sooner than later. Simply put, Purple Jay is an up and coming singer-songwriter developing an all-new sound and it’ll be a wonder to watch him develop.

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