Powered By Joy have their ‘Eyes Wide Open’

Powered By Joy

Music is an expression. A true artist will allow the music inside reach out with the message that is intended. This true flow of music needs to reach the world. Our recent discovery of Steve Larsen and his Powered By Joy project is a perfect example of an artist opening up his creative outlet for the world to hear.

The small town Minnesota raised, now Florida based artist, is a veteran songwriter. A debut album, Beyond Belief was released over a decade ago. Steve Larsen says “I have been on a spiritual journey most of my life in one form or another.” Pairing up with longtime collaborator Chris Leonard, owner and engineer at Gremlen Studios (guitar, bass), and his own son Thomas Larsen (drums, lead and backing vocals) as well as Thomas’ wife Ally Larsen (backing vocals and keyboards) the full powered By Joy lineup was set.

‘Eyes Wide Open’ by Powered By Joy

To introduce the project ahead of an upcoming full-length album, is the release of a two-track EP. The socially conscious record opens up with the title track “Eyes Wide Open.” An acoustic guitar opens us up as Steve jumps right in with his meaningful lyrics. The rest of the band then comes in to fill out the sound and add a powerful effect to the flow. A happy go lucky feel can be sensed as the music moves along. The message is deeper than just a peppy pop song though. 

Some sonic diversity is shown on the follow-up “I’ll Be Waiting.” this one is a whimsical acoustic ballad that lets the notes sail along effortlessly. It speaks of the love between a father and son when there is fear of being apart for too long. Steve is unafraid to pour out his true emotions into song. This relatability is very appealing to the listener. 

The goal here will never be to reach mainstream pop success but that is what makes it truly beautiful. Keep up with where Powered By Joy will take you next on their SOUNDCLOUD

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