Unfortunately for me, I have yet to make it to Los Angeles to experience the Sunset Strip and the music scene that has been emanating from there for decades.  The stories are legendary but I hear conflicting ideas on what the venues have become out there (pay to play?).  One thing is constant though, there always seems to be unique genre-bending music coming from the left coast.  The band we found today has created their own little piece of originality out there.  Let us introduce you to Principal Spinach.

The 3-piece rock band is a collection of very skilled musicians who are willing to do what is necessary to perfect their craft.  Bassist/singer Gaelon Davis and drummer Luis Briones became friends through the Bay area music circuit almost a decade ago and progressed aside each other, even attending the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood together.  They later recruited guitarist Rod Castro to complete their musical fusion.  What they have created is tough to describe in any one genre.  There is hard rock, funk, and avant-garde stoner rock with a slapping bass all mixed into the Principal Spinach musical stew.

Last month Principal Spinach released their second album Clockwork, their first true studio album.  They recorded it at big name studios like Kung Fu Gardens and Mix LA to create a fresh sounding album unlike anything else out there right now.  The opener ‘Grateful’ with its tick tock beginning prepares you for what you are about to experience with Gaelon screaming in your face to “Be Grateful” for you will never know the work that truly went into this album.  ‘Gallows’ is an experiment in power, showcasing the skills of each band member and the amazing sounds they can get out of their instrument.  The funky bass lines have no problem carrying you through the amazing guitar work on the over five minute song.  The spacey ‘Float’ has an Incubus feel to it as the mellow vocals over a full sonic landscape show this band is not a one trick pony.  It is a great break in the record to let your heart rate slow down before bringing out the defibrillator to get you back up to their speed.

Bottom Line: Principal Spinach is a group of extremely talented musicians that are here to wake you from your slumber with an experience in sound they call Clockwork.  Please go listen for yourself now at:



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