Psycho Village Drop “Unstoppable” New Single

Featuring a structured sway that starts to feel more like a hurricane than a simple rock harmony set to a solid beat, “Unstoppable” isn’t your average sonic bruiser. The latest release from Psycho Village doesn’t ride a purely-synthetic rhythm into the sunset; if anything, it scoffs in the face of such childish nonsense with its thick, formidable crunch and alternative metal-style intensity. “Unstoppable” is a pop song that’s been given a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart, and if that sounds like something that’s been missing from your life in the last couple of months, its music video and the melodies it contains should be right up your alley.

There’s a lot of wallop to this percussion, and though some might view it as being a bit overindulgent for what the composition calls for on paper, I think it puts a lot of extra steam on the lyrical narrative – in a good way. Beyond the metaphors and poetic elements to the verses, Psycho Village are actually spewing a pretty positive message that most of us could stand to learn something from right now. In all actuality, “Unstoppable” is one of the more cathartic tracks I’ve heard out of this band’s scene lately, and not because of its powerhouse instrumental release alone.

Fans of rock with a suave pop versatility in its bones really need to give Psycho Village, and more specifically, their new single and music video “Unstoppable” a shot this July. While there might not be a lot of provocative pop/rock emerging from the mainstream end of the spectrum at the moment, indie acts like Psycho Village are keeping things more than a little interesting on the independent side. “Unstoppable” feels like it could be their crossover single – the song that takes them from the underground to the primetime – but no matter what the ramifications, it’s a killer jam any way you look at it.

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